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    the go-to colorectal cancer surgeon in South Gujarat, whether you willbe been diagnosed with cancer or have chronic inflammation of the colon. The professional surgical gastroenterologist will go to great lengths to ensure that you get the finest medical care possible. When food has been digested, water, salts, and nutrients that remain in the meal are absorbed by the colon, which removes the waste that remains in the body. The waste is then held in the rectum by the millions of bacteria in the colon that break down the substance to absorb the nutrients.


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    The rectum’s muscles aid in the removal of waste via the anus.The colon or large intestine may be affected by a wide range of medical disorders.  In Surat, a renowned surgical gastroenterologist with a career spanning more than a decade has treated several patients with colon diseases and colorectal cancer.



    If you have any of the following signs and symptoms, you may have a problem with your colon:

    • Inflammation of the Abdomen,
    • Stool Consistency Has Changed,
    • there is a problem with bowel movement or bowel movement,
    • Pain persists even after urinating or passing stool,
    • Stool with Blood, Stools in Black,
    • Bleeding from the Rectal Area,
    • Flatulence, Bloating,
    • Constipation, there is a feeling of tiredness and weakness,
    • Weight Loss Without Consent.

    Please keep in mind that the presence of any or all of the symptoms listed above does not imply that you have an issue with your large intestine or colour. For a precise medical diagnosis, it is always advisable to see a doctor.


    The term “colorectal surgery” is used to describe procedures performed to treat conditions affecting the colon and rectum. Colorectal problems that need a GI surgeon’s care include the following:

    ULCERATE COLITIS SURGERY   The large intestine, including the rectum, is badly affected by Ulcerative Colitis (UC), a long-term inflammatory condition. IBD, which may lead to stomach ulcers, is one of the most common causes of these symptoms. The location of the inflammation and the extent to which it has spread are used by doctors to classify ulcerative colitis. Colonic ulcerative colitis (UC) is distinct from Crohn’s disease since it affects just the colon. Crohn’s disease might contain healthy regions in between inflammatory sections, whereas ulcerative colitis is a continual inflammation of the colon. These operations are used to treat ulcerative colitis by the surgical gastroenterologist.a.J-Pouch Surgery is the gold standard surgical therapy for ulcerative colitis.

    a. Restorative Proctocolectomy with Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis (IPAA). While the colon and rectum may be removed safely, the body’s waste removal process will be affected.

    b. End ileostomy and total proctocolectomy Both ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease may benefit from this procedure. To treat inflammatory disorders that are not responding to medicine, a doctor will do a proctocolectomy operation. The doctor will execute an ileostomy, which entails extending a portion through an abdominal orifice to evacuate waste, to assure waste evacuation.

    RECTAL PROLAPSE SURGERY When a portion of one’s large intestine prolapses out of one’s anal area, rectal prolapse may result in a loss of bowel function. It may cause intestinal obstructions, ulcers, and bleeding, and have a negative impact on overall health and well-being if left untreated.

    CANCER SURGERY FOR THE COLORED TEETH Colon cancer is defined as an abnormal development of malignant cells in the large intestine (colon). Polyps and malignant tumours may coexist in the colon, although most of the time they are benign growths. As a result, early detection and treatment of colorectal polyps are critical to preventing cancer.

    Surat’s colorectal surgery costs start from INR. 50,000 to Indian rupees. 80,000. Colorectal surgeons may undertake a wide range of procedures, from cancer surgeries to those for ulcerative colitis and rectal prolapse, to preserve the patient’s life. That’s why colorectal surgery prices vary so widely.

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